S63TU F90 ECU Tune
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S63TU F90 ECU Tune

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S63TU F90 ECU Tune
Weistec Horsepower 705
Weistec Torque 675
Manufacturer Weistec
Street legal in all the US States No
Engine Family S63tu
Stock Horsepower 600
Stock Torque 553

All 2020 models require bench flashing at this time.

ECU Tuning Process: How do I get my ECU tuned?

The Weistec S63TU F90 tune provides solid gains through out the entire powerband, This is on a vehicle with stock exhaust and turbos.  Additional upgrades will result in even more power.

In addition to the performance gains, there are a couple options available for race vehicles.  First is the "Burble".  The S63TU comes from the factory with this in a mild form.  You can choose "Off" "Mild" or "Aggressive" for the "Burble".  Many seem to prefer aggressive, but we gladly will let you choose based on your preference. The other race vehicle option would be Catalyst Heating.  On race vehicles, many times the catalysts are removed. In those cases, there is no need for the catalyst heating which would just be making excessive noise on a cold start of the race vehicle. If you have a race vehicle with the catalysts removed, Catalyst Heating can be disabled. 

Cypher Handheld | Powered by Weistec (ONLY FOR 2018, 2019 MODELS)

The Cypher is an optional upgrade when purchasing a Weistec tune for your Fxx series BMW. Simply navigate our website to the tune you wish to purchase. On the tune's product page there will be a drop-down menu giving the option to add Cypher to your tune order. From there, the order is processed, and a Cypher tool will be shipped to you

  • No need to send in your ECU / DME computer
  • Swap tunes file or return the stock within minutes.

    Weistec S63TU ECU Power 

    What does all this mean to you?  More power, sharper throttle response, and consistent performance with out sacrificing refinement. 

    ECU Tuning Process: How do I get my ECU tuned?

    Key Features:

    • Improved Throttle Response

    • Optimized Fuel, Spark, and Boost

    • Signifigant wheel horsepower and torque gains through the whole power band

    • S63TU "Burble" Mild and Aggressive Options (for Race Vehicles only)

    • Disabled Cold Start (for Race Vehicles only)

    • Disabled Speed Limiter

    *Power gains vary based on model, modifications, fuel, and running conditions.
    year make model trim engine
    2020 BMW M5-Competition 8AT (F90) Twin Turbo 4.4L V8 (S63)
    2019 BMW M5-Competition 8AT (F90) Twin Turbo 4.4L V8 (S63)
    2018 BMW M5-Competition 8AT (F90) Twin Turbo 4.4L V8 (S63)
    2020 BMW M5 8AT (F90) Twin Turbo 4.4L V8 (S63)
    2019 BMW M5 8AT (F90) Twin Turbo 4.4L V8 (S63)
    2018 BMW M5 8AT (F90) Twin Turbo 4.4L V8 (S63)
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