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Under the product group "Street Performance", you will find all KW coilover suspension kits for a maximum lowering for road vehicles. Depending on the KW coilover suspension kit, you can adjust the compression and rebound forces individually to your personal driving requirements in a more comfortable or sportier way.

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KW Coilover Suspension Kit Variant 1

With the KW Coilover Suspension Kit Variant 1 (V1) you can make a technically maximum possible lowering in a tested frame infinitely variable. The KW dampers used have a vehicle-specific, permanently configured setup with a sporty, harmonious tuning so that you can experience an optimum balance between sportiness and suitability for everyday driving. Even with a full payload and maximum axle loads, the dampers operate with a sporty characteristic curve.

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KW Coilover Suspension Kit Variant 2

The KW Coilover Suspension Kit Variant 2 (V2) offers you a technically maximum possible and individually adjustable lowering as well as the possibility to further adjust our vehicle-specific and preset sporty-harmonious damper setup. The manual adjustment of the dampers allows you to adjust the tuning in just a few simple steps. Thanks to the KW "TVR-A" technology, with 16 exact clicks you can influence the handling and driving comfort yourself in a targeted manner, in order to give your car a firmer or sportier driving behavior if desired.

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KW Coilover Suspension Kit Variant 3

Do you set great store by a performance-oriented driving experience in combination with a technically maximum possible and individual lowering in everyday life? Our worldwide best-selling coilover suspension kit, the KW Coilover Suspension Kit Variant 3 (V3), is the ideal suspension for you. The dampers with their "TVR-A" and "TVC-A" technology, which can be separately adjusted in compression and rebound, allow you to further adjust the vehicle-specific preset basic damping setup to your individual driving requirements. This makes it easy for you to directly influence the steering behavior, directional stability, tire grip and handling characteristics in a decisive way for safe controllability at the limits. In addition, despite the maximum lowering, you benefit from a sporty and harmonious rolling comfort.

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KW Coilover Suspension Kit Variant 4

With the KW Coilover Suspension Kit Variant 4 (V4), we adapted our leading racing technology for everyday use on the road and give your high-performance vehicles a clear plus in everyday suitability. The three-way adjustable high-performance dampers allow you to independently adjust the rebound damping (KW "TVR-A" technology) as well as separately tunable low-speed and high-speed compression damping (KW "TVCLH-A" technology). We deliver your KW Variant 4 for your sports car or high-performance vehicle with a vehicle-specific performance setting. With the adjustable dampers, you can - if desired - intuitively switch to a comfort setting with the integrated setting adjusters on Variant 4. Depending on the vehicle-specific design and axle geometry, the KW coilover version 4 has aluminum unibal support bearings.

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